Mischa Badasyan was born on February 25th 1988 in Rostov on Don, Russia. His father and mother are both Armenian. He studied Political Science at RostovĀ“s South University and have been working in social, human rights, LGBT and environmental protect ingorganizations since an earlyage. Ithasmade a hugeimpact on him and his artwork. In 2008, he moved to Germany and eventually began studying social work in Dresden while staying active in social/AIDS/LGBT organizations. In October 2011 he started just coincidentally his career as a performance artist after working as a nude model at the art academy in Dresden where he discovered the pain and how to deal with it which made him feel like being an art piece himself. He considers his work as live art because he strongly believes that the art existsonly throug hour life experiences. There is no need to use physical objects to create; you become the art work yourself. The art should be immaterial like you; feeling sof deep love of the World, the Earth and of Humanity. In September 2013 he moved to Berlin which was the next stop in his artistic career where he started doing long duration performance lasted days, months and years. While performing live, he is able to feel the energy from his audience. Through interacting with it they not only become part of his performance piece, but also, their energy impact his performance. This creates spontaneous works of art that is constantly changing and moving.