I was interested in turning the physical into a more cosmic process, nearly erasing gender and sex. I placed more emphasis on the spirit in order to connect with the universe. I first began his research by interviewing 13 females about their connection with the moon and cosmic space, through their menstruation process.

The menstruation cycle is the most basic and natural cycle that we have. Waxing and waning, the ebb and flow, and changes of the seasons represent the menstrual cycle of an individual female body that is viewed as sacred, in many cultures. Nowadays we are cut off from the rhythms of nature, but the cycle of ovulations can still be influenced by the moon. Some studies have shown that peak rates of conception occur at the full moon or the day before. With the new moon the number of women who start their menstrual bleeding, is higher. The moon rules the flow of fluids and affects the unconscious mind and dreams. The menstrual cycle govern and allows the flow of information and creativity. It mirrors how consciousness becomes matter and how thoughts turn into reality.

During one year I was investigating menstruation and female body, cosmic phenomenon's and cosmic appearances.


BIRTH OF THE MOON from Mischa Badasyan on Vimeo.